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TradTech Recon 15" ILF Riser

מחיר: 3,290 ₪
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יצרן: TradTech
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• 15” Long Riser for 56”,58”or 60” Bow w/ ILF Limbs
• Accepts TradTech & all ILF Recurve and Longbow Limbs
• Designed in USA, Custom-Made for TradTech by Samick
• Deflex Design Maximizes Shootablity and Accuracy
• Crafted from Black Phelolic and Stained Maple Dymondwood
• Weight Adjustable up to 10% of Minimum Limb Weight
• Easy Tiller Adjustment for Split or Three Fingers Under
• Lateral Limb Adjustments Allow Perfect Setting for any limb
• Narrow, Medium Wrist Grip w/ Shelf Radius for Arrow Rug
• Available in RH or LH Models
• Complete Bows Ordered with choice of TradTech ILF
Recurve or Longbow Limb include at no charge: Bowstring, Arrow Rug, Certified
• Set-up of Nock Point, Alignment, Tiller & Weight +/- 1# at your Draw